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a powerful formula effectively fights dandruff, for healthy and protected hair all day long.* visible dandruff, regular use..
Ex Tax:$2.90
Suitable for brittle hair and with split ends, it performs a repairing action from the roots to the ends, without weighing it down. Thanks to its formula with LAK 1000 and Ceramide, it offers a deep repair of the fiber, for strong and nourished hair...
Ex Tax:$3.20
deal to make bath time even more special. The delicate formula of JOHNSON'S Baby Bath Mille Bolle is designed to take care of your baby's delicate skin while it entertains you with so many magical soap bubbles. This JOHNSON'S baby shower gel has been formulated specifically for children, gently clea..
Ex Tax:$4.50
Discover the relaxing experience of a bath with Neutromed Sensual & Oil Monoi Flowers.The soft foam and its seductive fragrance give a feeling of soft and velvety skin.Its delicate formula with the enveloping scent of Monoi Flowers regenerates your body and your mind giving you a feeling of soft..
Ex Tax:$4.50
Brand: NIVEA Model: nivnutcre
NEW NIVEA Nourishing Body Cream is enriched with NIVEA INTENSE HYDRATION SERUM and 2x Almond Oil, which deeply nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and hydrated for 48 hours. The perfect combination of the ingredients of NIVEA Nourishing Body Cream and INTENSE MOISTURIZING SERUM penetrates deeply in..
Ex Tax:$5.50
Brand: NIVEA Model: nivcresmo
Let yourself be enveloped by the foam of the Creme Smooth body wash for a silky smooth skin. The creamy formula enriched with precious Shea Butter transforms into a soft foam, leaving on your skin its delicate fragrance and a feeling of smooth and velvety skin even when dry. Turn your shower or your..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Brand: Palmolive Model: PALNATLAT600
The Palmolive Naturals "Latte e Mandorla" shower gel is enriched with Moisturizing Milk and natural Almond extracts. Its rich and velvety formula respects the natural balance of the skin. Dermatologically tested..
Ex Tax:$3.40
Brand: Palmolive Model: palshamas
Regenerate yourself with this gentle exfoliating shower gel, enriched with Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera and Aquatic Mint. Let its fresh marine fragrance revitalize body and mind...
Ex Tax:$2.49
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