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About Us

Delivery service in Civitavecchia Port for crew members

Never be afraid of forgetting to buy something you really needed, when you got back on the ship or during your work on board. Order online, receive when you arrive at the port

Seaman Market is created to help crew members to manage their everyday life onboard. With over 25 years of experience in Port ancillary services, we built the first one-stop-shop for seamen, with +500 products. 

What we sell

At Seaman Market, you can find Smartphones, Free-roaming sim cards to call to your home and Unlimited video callings, and mobile phone accessories. Everything for you works as Boots, Wine Opener, and other items. Tasty Ethnic food, Sports clothes, Bags, and Travel accessories.  

To Complete we offer cleaning and sanitizer products.

What We Do

We are transforming the future of services to improve the quality of life on board to the crew members. Offering everyday best prices to meet our customer expectations, we’re integrating online services for the next generation.

Safe and Secure

We’re committed to nothing less than providing selected products and services to the crew members, at best prices, and with easy and safe payment, we accept credit cards, PayPal and Cash on delivery.

We are here... where you disembark

For now, we operate in Civitavecchia Port(Rome), but we are growing every day, the next opening will arrive soon. Our headquarters is located in Civitavecchia - 00053, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 1.

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